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Publishing and Distribution Testimonials

Genius Loci Publications/Nigel McGilchristr

"I moved all my stock from a large Distributor to YPS Distribution, and it has been a godsend.  YPS is lean, efficient, responsive and very pleasant to work with.  There is always someone at the end of a telephone when needed; and always quick replies to any emails. Requests are acted on speedily and correctly.  Above all, contact is human, not robotic - and that counts for a lot in this world!"


Bumblebee Conservation Trust 

"Bumblebee Conservation Trust has been using YPD as our distributor since 2018 and we are very pleased with their prompt and efficient service. We would wholly recommend them to other organisations to use."

CM, Medical/Educational Publisher

"I have been using York Publishing Services for my book distribution for a few years and would highly recommend them! I order books direct to their warehouse and they store, package, and distribute them worldwide, including on Amazon. Fantastic service, low fees, and very responsive."


“I have worked with YPS close to 8 years. Working with Paul was always a pleasure. My orders went out in a timely manner, and they always went above and beyond to ensure our orders went out efficiently.

Paul always made me feel like I was his only customer and paid close attention to our
needs. I really enjoy working with YPS and appreciate their professionalism.”

- Patty Laxen
Academic Therapy Publications CA, USA
(Established in 1965, ATP was one of the first publishers in the USA to meet the needs of
teachers, parents, and students in the field of special education and learning disabilities)


Lammergeier and Other Stories

Publishing my short story collection through YPS has been an enjoyable and remarkably smooth experience. Information provided at the outset was clear and helpful. Clare developed my ideas for the cover, sourcing images and combining them to produce an attractive design. The cover is so handsome, writes a friend, and the typeface lovely. The different stages of proofreading went through easily, and changes I made, even at a late stage, were patiently dealt with. The final production and delivery of the copies I ordered took place without any delay. I was delighted to receive them and as suggested there have already been many favourable comments on the appearance, binding and typeface.

John Bolland


Ogleforth: Annals of a street in York

I have had several books published by academic publishers so I think that I am in a good position to assess YPS publishing. I am impressed by the high standards they set and am delighted with the finished product. The main thing that surprised me was the speed of the process – far faster than I have experienced before. And the costs were lower than I had feared. Clare and the team are efficient, friendly and helpful. I would strongly recommend them to anyone wanting to venture into self publishing.

Ian Stead


The Visionary

I am a surgeon and until a few years ago had only written surgical text books. My mother was an amazing lady & the only woman in the Southern Rhodesian Parliament and also the Federation of Central Africa Parliament. She became leader of the opposition & arch enemy to Ian Smith, the right-wing Prime Minister who declared UDI in 1965. I spent many hours telling stories of her and my wife said ‘you must write her biography or she will be forgotten. So, I did & decided to sent it to someone who was a publisher and had known her. Two months later I received a letter stating ‘without doubt it was the most boring book I have ever read. I phoned her and thanked her for being so honest. She informed me I had written like a dull scientist about a woman who was a bundle of fun and not a boring politician. Her advice to me was that everyone has a novel in them & that I should write my novel and then return to re-writing her book. In 2020, during a Covid lockdown, I wrote The Rhino Trail in six weeks. There was a novel in me! Someone suggested I should send it to A M publishers. They wrote back they did not publish first time authors but they would ask their reviewers to read it. Three weeks later I was informed they would publish it if I paid half the costs. There was little or no help and certainly no feeling that they were very interested in yet another aspiring author. Their marketing was pathetic. I stupidly sent my second book PANICDEMIC-The Covid 19 Conspiracy, which they also published, but again the marketing was non-existent and there was no repartee between us. I then rewrote my mothers biography The Visionary – Muriel Rosin MBE. I asked a friend who had written childrens books who had published them as I was not interested in selling the book but just wanted family and friends to enjoy it as well as the people in Zimbabwe. She advised me to send it to York Publishing as they were so helpful. I am indebted to Veronica. What a difference dealing with Clare Brayshaw (a gem) and the rest of the team. Everything was so easy and everyone friendly and helpful. Compared to my previous experience it was a joy. What was so different was that YPS were truly interested and were as keen to have my book published as myself. Everything was straightforward with no bureaucracy and endless questionnaires which had seemed irrelevant to me. What is more I was the publisher with no up-front fees. If it ever is made into a film, I will not have to part with a sizeable percentage to the publisher. The finished article was sent to me ahead of the expected date and was perfect. Since then I have held a book-launch in Barbados where I live and the books were sent to me immediately. To sum up YPS I would say they are helpful, highly efficient, interested in one not just as another author but as a person, straightforward and tolerant of new writers by helping at every step. I have just finished a childrens book and will definitely ask them to publish it.

Professor R David Rosin

“Nick Dunne

Walking on Holy Ground: A Pilgrimage on the Via Francigena and the Western Front, from London to Laon

When I decided to self-publish my memoir I needed a publishing team that I could trust. York Publishing Services have been the ideal partner. They have guided me through each stage of the process, invoicing only once the work has been done and continuing their support now that the book is on the market and receiving positive reviews from readers. I thoroughly recommend them.

Nick Dunne