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Book distribution for self published Authors

Commission free, and Stress free Distribution

Now that your self published book is available, distribution is now paramount, call YPS Publishing now to discuss your options

YPS Publishing based in York is one of the publishing industry´s leading distributors, providing a comprehensive and impressively high-quality range of fulfilment and print services.

Your book has probably already received much interest and enthusiasm among family and friends - the next step is to sell it to the rest of the world.

Promoting your book will require hard work and inspiration which will hopefully result in orders. Once people have heard about your book, they need to be able to purchase it quickly and easily.

YPS has been an established book distributor for nearly twenty years, handling the lists of many mainstream publishers.

Commission free and Stress free Distribution

With our extensive contacts and accounts in the book trade, we are able to offer independent publishers and small press publishing houses the same book distribution benefits as the larger organisations.
These include:

YPS is that vital link in the chain from your book to the market

Many bookshops, particularly major bookshop chains, are reluctant to deal with small publishers. They place orders with wholesalers rather than ordering direct.

YPS have accounts with book wholesalers and bookshops. Every day we process and supply orders to UK bookshops (including Waterstone’s), wholesalers, libraries and library suppliers.
Although bookstores are essential, we recommend direct selling whenever possible.

Why sell direct?

Booksellers expect a discount when placing orders. The minimum discount is around 35% and can be as high as 60% for wholesalers and Amazon. You will have to pay for the freight/postage. This will not leave you with much to pay all the other costs, never mind make a profit!

Selling direct, on the other hand, means you do not have to give a discount, and you can charge the purchaser for packing and postage.

Sell direct, online, with the YPD Bookshop – open 24 hours a day! specialises in selling books directly from independent authors and small publishers. You can display your book in our online bookshop, where it can be ordered online. We will take care of the paperwork and all the hassles of distribution. If you have a website, you can link directly to your listing on the bookshop to make use of the YPDbooks shopping cart and fulfilment service.

Benefits of selling direct online with

The online bookshop allows your customers to purchase your books directly from YPS, at any time, day or night.

Selling on Amazon

Amazon Marketplace

As you have an ISBN you are automatically listed on Amazon. However this does not mean Amazon will hold stocks of your book. Initially they are likely to indicate an order lead time of 4 to 6 weeks! When they receive an order, they will order copies from you, expecting 35% discount. The long delivery time usually deters sales, and if you have to give 35% discount it is unlikely you will make a profit on Amazon sales.

The YPS Amazon Marketplace Account provides a cost effective alternative. The YPS have an Amazon Marketplace Bookshop and will be listed as an alternative supplier, with a shipment time of 2 days. Amazon will forward the order to us.
Amazon will take 20% commission, but this is better than 35% or 60%!

Amazon Advantage

YPS have two accounts and The discounts that Amazon require are 60% and 55% respectively, and as such, this scheme is not entered into as a matter of course. In addition, it is important to note that stock is moved on a ‘consignment´ basis only to Amazon, and will be invoiced at point of sale.

How York Publishing Services can work for you

Our system is easy and straightforward. YPS will hold stock of your book in our warehouse in York; we can receive orders by mail, email, fax or phone, then speedily process and supply them.
At the end of each subsequent month we will send you the revenue from sales.

What will it cost?

For the full distribution service and for a listing on

eBook distribution

YPS also offer specialist ebook distribution alongside our standard Book Distribution package. We upload your ebook file to the major ebook retailers worldwide, collate the sales, sort out the tricky VAT accounting, and pass you the revenue on a monthly basis.

And Finally....

YPS- Publishing will make every effort to generate sales for your book. It must, however, be recognised that the book trade is flooded with new titles, and it is especially difficult for new authors to break into the market. That said, it has been done before! Whilst luck and a good, well produced book certainly play a part, promotion and marketing is also essential. We can, however, make no claims about the number of copies you will sell.