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Printing and Binding


If you are handling all the editing and design yourself you will save all the costs involved; however, you will need to supply us with the files ready for printing.

Files for printing

We require print ready PDF files made to the correct size of the book. The cover will have to be correctly set up with the spine size and bleeds, etc. You will need to contact us in advance for this information.
If you are supplying colour files, these should be CMYK.
If the supplied files are not print ready, then we will charge for any work necessary.

Bound proof copy

Whether we handle the editing and design or whether you supply the file ready for printing, we will digitally print and bind a single proof copy and send it to you. This will allow you to see and feel the completed book. Although there should not be changes at this stage, corrections can be made before full production if absolutely necessary.
Changes at proof bound stage are charged at a nominal fee per alteration.

Printing and binding

We can advise you on the appropriate paper and cover board, print methods and binding styles for your book. We can always send you samples of the proposed materials.

How many copies to print?

It has always been the publisher’s dilemma; deciding how many books to print. With conventional litho printing, the cost per book is lower the more copies you print, but it is a false economy to print more copies than you realistically need. We will work with you to come up with a realistic print quantity.

Digital or litho printing?

These are two different print processes, and we will advise you which is appropriate for your book. Digital printing is appropriate for small quantity printing. Litho is appropriate for larger print quantities.


Covers are printed in full colour on the front and back. They are laminated with either a gloss or matt finish.

Printing colour or black text pages?

One of the major advantages of digital printing is the facility to include colour pages anywhere in the book. With litho printing, pages printed in colour need to be grouped together.
If required, black and white photographs can be printed together on different paper, usually silk or gloss. These pages cost the same to print as the other text pages, although there may be a small additional setting-up cost.

Binding styles

We provide a full range of binding styles.