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With over 30 years experience, YPS understands what it takes

 to make a book sell.


Two areas where your budget must not be squeezed, are the cover and copyediting/proofreading. Focusing on these will ensure that you have a book that is as commercial as it could possibly be.


Once your manuscript becomes a book it will have to sell in a very large and competitive marketplace. No matter where your audience is: Amazon, iBook’s or independent bookshops, your book cover is the gateway to sales. 


The most important component of your book is the cover


Releasing a Philippa Gregory type novel? Have a Philippa Gregory cover style. Show that particular audience that your book is going to be right up their street.

Take into account current market trends. Ignoring these could make your book stick out for all the wrong reasons. A great cover makes a book much easier to market. Get your cover right and you’ll have a book that will sit comfortably alongside mainstream titles.