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George Cole

When I decided to self-publish my book, Betrayed: the story of Harold Pinters Betrayal I knew I faced a daunting prospect. Although I had been a full-time writer for more than 25 years and was a published author, my knowledge about the mechanics of publishing was sparse.

Writing a book is hard work alone, but as a publisher, I would have to find a designer, copy-editor, proof reader and printer. And then there was the marketing and distribution. How do you know whether someone is a good designer or not - and whats a fair rate to pay them? How do you strike a good deal with a printer? How do you achieve quality control and also coordinate the various parties, so that the production process flows efficiently?

Betrayed: the story of Harold Pinters Betrayal - YPS Publishing

Like most people, I turned to Google, but this has its dangers. There are many companies promising to deliver self-publishers the world, but in effect all they deliver is disappointment and misery – while taking your money. There are countless horror stories of author/publishers being ripped off by unscrupulous parties that deliver a shoddy excuse for a book.

After some research, I came across York Publishing Services (YPS). It seemed to tick all the right boxes – it was a well-established company; it didnt want any money upfront and it was most definitely not a vanity publisher. After speaking to YPS managing director Duncan Beal on the phone, my wife and I arranged a visit to YPS.

It doesnt take long after meeting Duncan to realise that this is a man who loves books. What is more, he and his team are passionate about helping you produce the best book you can.

What is good about YPS is that its a one-stop shop – it will find you a designer, copy-editor, proof reader and printer. Whats even better is that its a pick-and-mix service – you only use and pay for the services you need. Its in-house design manager Clare Brayshaw is not only highly-skilled, but is incredibly patient and accommodating.

My book took almost a year to produce, not least because it is 741 pages long, with an additional 48 pages of photographs. There are also numerous notes and references. Whatever problem or issue I threw at Duncan or Clare, they always had a good solution to it.

I am absolutely delighted with my resulting book. The quality is superb and it looks and feels as good as any book from any top publisher. But the support from YPS doesnt end there. On a second visit to YPS, I arranged with Duncan to distribute my book. This means that you dont end up with boxes of books in your home and having to make numerous trips to the Post Office. What is more, most book stores prefer working with a distributor than a publisher when it comes to sales. YPS are selling my book on their online book store and provided a link to the shopping cart for my book website. I received excellent advice from Paula Charles, YPS distribution manager, on how to approach book stores.

Quite simply, using YPS to help me produce my book is one the best decisions I have ever made. Anyone thinking about self-publishing a book should at the very least, put YPS on their list, and better still, at the top of their list.

George Cole writer, author and publisher.